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Internal Halyard Winch Flagpoles

Winch Flagpoles keep the wire cable halyard inside the flagpole shaft behind the security of a lockable access door. They incorporate wire cable halyard with a gear-less winch and winch handle. Recommended for commercial applications.

Internal Halyard Systems

Internal Halyard Flagpole Diagram

Internal Halyard Flagpoles keep the rope or wire halyard inside the flagpole shaft and have a more steamlined appearance.

Cam Cleat Systems use rope halyard secured in place by a heavy-duty cam action cleat. Cam Cleat Flagpoles require additional components compared to External Halyard Flagpoles including an access door, cam cleat, retainer ring, counterweight, and internal halyard truck. Cam Cleat Flagpoles range from 20 ft to 40 ft.

Cam Cleat Internal System

Winch Systems use wire halyard (i.e. stainless steel cable) with a gearless winch and winch handle to raise and lower the flag. Their components include a winch, winch handle, retainer ring, counterweight, internal flagpole truck, and flag arrangement. Winch Flagpoles range from 20 ft to 100 ft.

Winch Internal System

Internal Trucks

An Internal Truck sits at the top of an Internal Halyard Flagpole, providing an enclosed pulley system for rope or wire halyard.

Options include stationary trucks, which are fixed and will not rotate, and revolving trucks, which rotate with the wind.

Internal Revolving Truck - Spindle Design Example
Internal Revolving
Spindle Design

Spindle Design Trucks incorporate a threaded spindle which is installed into a female fitting welded into the top of the flagpole.

Revolving Trucks rotate the flag with the wind.

Internal Stationary Truck - Cap Design Example
Internal Single Stationary
Cap Design

Cap Design Trucks install over the top of the flagpole and are attached with anchoring set screws or bolts.

Stationary Trucks are fixed and will not rotate.