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Winch Operation, Care and Maintenance


Winch Operation

  1. Slide winch handle completely through or onto winch (depending on model) before raising or lowering flag.
  2. Always maintain tension in the cable when raising or lowering the flag. If tension is not maintained, the cable may jump off the drum and jam the winch.
  3. Turn winch handle clockwise to raise the flag and counter clockwise to lower the flag.
  4. When the flag is raised to its highest point, turn the handle clockwise with extra force to engage the winch brake. In order to ensure proper winch operation, we suggest that new operators open the access door and watch the movement of the winch while raising and lowering the flag. Damage to the winch can result if the handle is turned in the wrong direction. When raising the flag, a loud clicking sound should be heard. When lowering the flag, there is no clicking.
Winch Winch

Winch Care and Maintenance

The following steps will improve the operation and increase the life of your new winch:

  1. Periodically clean any debris that may accumulate on winch and cable. Do not lubricate exposed parts.
  2. Adjust the double nut assembly on the winch input shaft (for some models) as the winch becomes too loose or difficult to operate. Periodic adjustment of the nuts may be required as the friction brake pads in the winch wear. Two wrenches are required for this adjustment.
  3. Replace damaged and worn cable. The frequency of inspections and maintenance depends on the amount of use, flag size, and wind conditions your flag pole experiences. A monthly check of all cable connections and winch operation should be sufficient in most cases.