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External Halyard Systems

External Halyard Flagpole Diagram

External Halyard Flagpoles expose the rope halyard on the outside of the flagpole shaft.

External Halyard Systems utilize flagpole trucks with an exposed pulley, rope halyard and cleat. If budget is a concern, External Halyard Flagpoles are the most affordable type of flagpole. External Halyard Flagpoles range in height from 20 ft to 80 ft.

External Trucks

An External Truck sits at the top of an External Halyard Flagpole, providing a pulley system for rope halyard.

Options include include stationary trucks, which are fixed and will not rotate, and revolving trucks, which rotate with the wind. A double revolving truck is also available and includes an extra cleat and double halyard assembly.

External Single Revolving Truck - Spindle Design Example
External Single Revolving
Spindle Design

Spindle Design Trucks incorporate a threaded spindle which is installed into a female fitting welded into the top of the flagpole.

Revolving Trucks rotate the flag with the wind.

External Double Revolving Truck - Spindle Design Example
External Double Revolving
Spindle Design
External Stationary Truck - Cap Design Example
External Stationary
Cap Design

Cap Design Trucks install over the top of the flagpole and are attached with anchoring set screws or bolts.

Stationary Trucks are fixed and will not rotate.