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Heavy-Duty Aluminum Flagpole Ball

Industry Exclusive, Patented Ball Construction

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The Flagpole Ball is the most commonly used flagpole ornament. Sitting majestically above the flag and pole arrangement, it is considered the finishing touch for today's aluminum flagpole.

Concord American Flagpole offers Balls in a variety of finish and design options, allowing for a truly personal flagpole design. Balls are offered in Butt Diameters ranging from 3" to 24", with the recommended Ball diameter matching the butt diameter of the flagpole. Standard thread sizes are 1/2"-13NC, 5/8"-11NC, and 3/4"-10NC.

Concord American Flagpole's Patented Ball is designed and manufactured to provide unmatched reliability. Natural pole vibration often causes premature flagpole ball failures, leading to high labor costs associated with replacement. Our patented design addresses the many issues seen in the standard ball construction offered by ALL others in the industry.

Heavy-Duty Aluminum Flagpole Ball

Industry Exclusive, Patented Ball Construction
Heavy-Duty Aluminum Flagpole Ball Cutaway
  • A thick-wall, aluminum tube is incorporated as an inner spacer.
    Strengthens the assembly while assuring proper compression of the two ball spheres.
  • Thick spherical halves are spun with an extra wide lip at the joint.
    Significantly limits the upper half sphere's ability to slide down over the bottom half.
  • A stainless steel bolt and high strength adhesive compound secure the spacer rod at the ball tip.
    Eliminates the potential failures seen with rivet or internal mounted nuts.
  • A plated steel jamb nut is provided to secure the Ball to the truck assembly.
    Secure, permanent attachment to the flagpole truck.
  • 4" to 8" Balls have ball stems machined from 3/4" diameter 6063 Aluminum and secured with a stainless steel threaded rod and high strength adhesive compound.
    Superior strength and protection against the rigors of pole vibration.
  • 10" to 12" Balls are constructed with a 5/8" solid stainless steel threaded rod.
    Provides maximum strength for larger ball applications.
  • Heavy-Duty Aluminum Balls avaliable in 4" to 24" Diameters.
    Gold Anodized, Clear Anodized, Powder Coated and Satin finishes.

Finish Options

Gold Anodized
Gold Anodized
Clear Anodized
Clear Anodized
BronzeTone Powder Coat
BronzeTone Powder Coated
Satin Finish
Powder Coat Finish Options

BZT = Powder Coat – BronzeTone (Shown)
BLK = Powder Coat – Black
WHT = Powder Coat – White
CLR = Powder Coat – Clear