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Sentry Series Flagpole

Internal Cam Cleat with Reinforced Raised Door Frame (ISC) - Rope Halyard

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The Sentry Series from Concord American Flagpole offers Cam Cleat system flagpoles in heights from 20' to 40'. The raised reinforced door frame design provides the security of an Internal Rope Halyard and Cam Cleat system with the reinforced strength necessary for moderate wind speed areas.

Standard Specifications
  • Patented, Heavy-Duty Gold Anodized Aluminum Ball
  • Cast Aluminum Revolving Truck with SEALED Stainless Steel Bearing Assemblies, Aluminum Spindle, Cast Brass Exit Bushing and Removable Hood
  • Complete Internal Halyard Assembly
    • Rope Halyard – 5/16" #10 Polyester
    • Two (2) Stainless Steel Flagsnaps
    • Two (2) Neoprene Flagsnap Covers
  • Cam Cleat
  • Reinforced Rasied Door Frame
  • Flush Mount Access Door with Lock and Keys
  • Spun Aluminum FC-11 Flash Collar
  • Galvanized 16-Gauge Corrugated Steel Ground Sleeve with Steel Grounding Spike
Reinforced Raised Door Frame

Sentry Flagpoles are designed with a patented raised reinforced door frame consisting of a matched set of inner and outer castings. The frame castings are attached to the flagpole shaft using a series of eight (8) tamper-proof 5/16-18NC stainless steel bolts. The aluminum door is secured with two (2) tamper-proof 1/4-20NC screws.

For additional Cam Cleat option flagpoles, see Monarch ICC Flush Mount Hinged Door Design and Sentry II IRC Reinforced Welded Door Frame.

Finish Options

Satin Aluminum

Aluminum flagpoles are constructed of Aluminum Alloy 6063, a marine grade alloy that exhibits extremely high resistance to corrosion. On contact with air, aluminum forms a resistant layer of aluminum oxide. This process naturally guards against corrosion, allowing our flagpoles to be left unfinished while ensuring a lifetime of aesthetic beauty.

Our satin aluminum finish is achieved in a multi-pass, mechanical rotary sanding operation utilizing specially formulated abrasives. This attention to detail ensures a consistent, brushed aluminum finish that has become the industry's first choice for low-maintenance and enduring flagpole finishes.

Satin Satin - SAT

Standard anodized finishes include clear, dark bronze and black.

Clear Anodized Clear Anodized - ACL
Dark Bronze Anodized Dark Bronze Anodized - ADB
Black Anodized Black Anodized - ABL
Powder Coat

Standard powder coat finishes include clear, bronzetone, black and white.

We can also powder coat in a custom color. Simply provide an RAL color number or color chip sample and we can provide the perfect powder coat color for your next project.

Black Powder Coat Black Powder Coat - BLK
BronzeTone Powder Coat BronzeTone Powder Coat - BZT
White Powder Coat White Powder Coat - WHT
Clear Powder Coat Clear Powder Coat - CLR

Flagpole Shaft Descriptions

Mounting Height
Mounting Height

The exposed height in feet above grade and is measured to the top of the of the flagpole shaft. *When truck and ornaments are added, overall height can be greater by 1'-2', which can be relevant in areas with height ordinances. Upon request and at no additional charge, Mounting Heights can be shortened to achieve the desired overall height.

25' Mounting Height Exception
25' Mounting Height Exception

Flagpoles offered in 25' mounting heights are manufactured in a single piece with an overall length of 26'-6". Below grade, 2'-6" will be inserted into the ground sleeve. When the truck and finial are attached, the nominal height of the completed flagpole will be 25'. This industry accepted standard allows shipping in a pup trailer at a significant freight savings. Full 27'-6" shafts are available upon request.

Butt Diameter
Butt Diameter

The diameter in inches at the base of the shaft.

Top Diameter
Top Diameter

The diameter in inches at the very top of the shaft.

Wall Thickness
Wall Thickness

The thickness of the shaft in inches, varying from .125" to .500".

Single and Multi-Piece Shafts
Single & Multi-Piece Shafts

Flagpoles are available in both single and multi-piece designs. Flagpoles 45' and larger will contain multiple piece shafts based on Mounting Height. Sections can be easily field assembled without any loss of structural integrity, leaving only a hairline joint to indicate that the shaft is not a single piece flagpole.