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Vanguard Series Flagpole

Internal Halyard Ground Set Cone Tapered Aluminum Flagpoles

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The Vanguard Series from Eder Flag Manufacturing Company provides an intelligent, economical alternative to deluxe concealed halyard systems.

Standard Accessories
  • Gold anodized aluminum ball ornament
  • Cast aluminum revolving truck on all flagpole models
  • Nylon wire center halyard
  • Swivel flag snaps w/vinyl snap covers
  • Retainer ring and counterweight
  • Stainless steel quick link
  • Cam action cleat (accessible behind a lockable access door)
  • Spun aluminum flash collar
  • Galvanized steel foundation sleeve

5" diameter poles supplied with a hinged access door and frame unit.

6" and larger diameter poles supplied with a removable flush-mounted access door for added strength.